Long Beard

Now that is one heck of a long beard. 😲

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3 Comments on “Long Beard

  1. Eric, when you decide to hunt a few turkeys, put me down on your first hunt! Your Lodge is really nice! Good luck with your operation. Jim

  2. My bucket list was accomplished. Just recently got back from Record Breaking Ranch and had the time of my. Thank you Eric, Ted Theresa, and others. You made my hunt extremely successful. I would absolutely recommend Record Breaking Ranch to all my hunting friends. Accommodations was first class.

    BBD!!!!! BIG BUCK DOWN!!!! Looking forward to coming back.

  3. RBR is beyond impressive. I used to raise deer and elk in southern Michigan. I have been fortunate enough to hunt some of the Best places for Big Bucks and Elk. RBR trumps them all. The detail to perfection that Eric and his team put into the work and professionalism they bring to this ranch is unparalleled. You want a Big buck they are a lot to choose from, you want a true habitat hunting experience while seeing lots of Big Bucks then you do not want to miss RBR. Hunting in it’s self is as Great as it gets while experiencing the Great Outdoors, but hunting at RBR puts all the finishing touches on the experience.
    Thanks Eric, Amy and crew
    Greg Higgins Punta Gorda, FL

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