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“I have hunted all my life and all over the country, but hunting with Eric and Ted is the most enjoyable experience I’ve had. I have hunted with Eric and Ted for years and they have never let me down. They work extremely hard to make sure you are satisfied when you leave. The quality and size of deer can’t be beat. The lodge is top notch with excellent accommodations and food. I have another hunt booked for the fall of 2019 and plan on many more to come in the future.”

Rickey Y.
Duncan, MS

“What an amazing time I had at RBR!  I was fortunate enough to spend a few days at RBR with my wife, son, friend, and his wife and we were not disappointed.  The hunting accommodations, lodging, and food were first class.  I’ve hunted with Eric several years and he always does a fantastic job making you feel welcome and at home. The deer herd was impressive and I was satisfied with my harvest! I will be back to RBR and my family and I highly recommend it!”

Corey P.

Georgetown, TN

“I have had the unique opportunity to hunt Deer and Elk across the United States and and I want you to know the experience we had at the “Record Breaking Ranch” was beyond anything I could have imagined! The staff and leadership was out standing and the amenities where incredible! The Lodge was special and with the rooms and privacy this experience was off the charts! The food and service was excellent and the lounge area to talk about the days hunt was a great experience!! Amy,Eric and Ted as well as the whole team makes this an amazing hunt. There are lockers for each hunter and during some down time between hunts you can sit outside and take in the experience of seeing some additional trophies!!!  This is the best experience I have had on any hunt! If needed you have the ability to have meetings and other events as well!

“Record Breaking Branch” is truly an amazing experience!!!!!!!!”
Steve R.
Virginia Beach, VA

“I’d like to start off by saying thank you so much to RBR for the great care they gave us. We took our two grown sons to hunt with us. We were all so impressed with the beautiful lodge and the excellent attention that was given to us the whole time we were there. Everything we needed was taken care of. Our guide was Eric Stonecipher and I will be going back and I will be asking for Eric to be my guide again and again. Our sons had to top notch guides also. We all had home cooked meals that were very delicious! You just couldn’t have ask for anything more. We all brought home huge beautiful trophies. We will always be grateful for the care we were given! Our rooms were absolutely spotless and comfortable. Thanks again for all you did for me and my family.”

Your the best!
Kay B.
Texarkana, TX


“Last spring I received a phone call from Eric Stonecipher manager of Record Breaking Ranch (RBR).  I have known Eric’s father for many years and through that relationship, I had met Eric. He had asked me to join him on the RBR to hunt for a trophy whitetail.

A little background about myself. I am an auctioneer and have done the SCI Hunters Convention for the last 30 years. During that tenure, I have sold many hunts on stage. I also have been the auctioneer for over twenty SCI chapter auctions each year and many other conservation organizations. As an auctioneer, there are not too many donated hunts I am not familiar with.

I was a guide and outfitter in the state of CO for over thirty years and sold that business so I could have some fun hunting too. I am very familiar with the hunting industry.

I have auctioned/sold a ton of estate hunts but never have personally done that type of a hunt. Why you may ask. I had talked to several of the owners of these type hunts and they told me they had a couple hundred acres. I was then told they would take five to seven hunters at a time. No thanks. Not my cup of tea. The RBR was definitely nothing like their operations!

Now back to Eric Stonecipher. I have auctioned off RBR hunts and people were paying good money to hunt that ranch. I personally talked to the hunters and the reviews were unbelievable. They were ecstatic with their success and before they left, they had booked for the following year. A testimony like that is noteworthy. I had talked to several world renown hunters; a couple were writers for various outdoor magazines. They insured me that it was not the type of a hunt where the host would rattle a grain bucket and I would have deer running up to me.

I accepted Eric’s offer to hunt the ranch. Upon reaching the ranch, I was very impressed with the lodge! You could tell that there was a lot of pride in the upkeep as the lodge was fantastic. I was shown my room and one could tell this was going to be a great experience. The lodge was Five star with all of the amenities one would expect of this operation.

Eric showed me several videos / pics of various bucks on the ranch and of past hunter’s success. We looked at some trail cam pics and I was in awe to say the least. It was as if I had gone to a restaurant and was given a menu to choose what I wanted to harvest. Did I want width, mass, non-typical, typical, drop tine and the list went on. I told him I would know what I wanted when I saw it. There were a couple of hunters on the ranch. They returned that night after dark for dinner.

They had told me they had passed on a couple of 200 class deer knowing there were bigger deer around. They had PASSED on a 200 class deer? I have two B&C bucks on the wall a 180 and 176 and I was proud of both of those deer. They were repeat hunters and had nothing but praise about Eric’s wildlife management and their past hunting experience.

The next morning, we left in the UTV to go to the deer stand Eric has chosen for us. Top quality stands and very comfortable. In the predawn light, we could see deer moving around running through the clearings. Deer of all sizes. About an hour into shooting light Eric grabbed my arm and told me to look at a buck inside the tree line. I could not believe the size of this buck, both antler and body size! He was unreal. Never in my life had I seen a deer that large. I have hunted Canada several times and they are known for large bodied deer but this buck was HUGE! My views of Estate hunts just gained a completely different perspective.

Yes, I could have shot but Eric said he had a few more bucks for me to look at. We watched the buck for a while. I happened to glance to my right and here comes a buck with a tree on his head! He was all of 350 plus. A huge non-typical!

I have seen mounts of deer at the SCI shows etc. mounted and hanging but to see one in real life was heart stopping to say the least. I knew right then if I did not ever shoot a deer on this place my trip was successful in just seeing two of the largest deer I have ever seen in my life.

Nope I did not shoot that deer either. Eric had other plans for me. We headed back to the ranch head quarters. In route, we hooked up with one of the other hunters and his guide. Eric took the scenic route back to the ranch to show us more property and animals. We were going up and down some steep hills and huge draws. Perfect habitat for any wildlife. We had rounded a corner when I saw movement inside the timber. It was another large bodied, large antlered non-typical buck. He gave us a short few seconds before he bounded off into deeper timber. That buck was looking right at me etched a memory in my head I would never forget.

We saw many different size deer heading back to camp for lunch. We talked about all the different deer seen that morning. Now my motor was really running. The evening hunt was a replicate of the morning hunt. We saw many bucks but Eric had a couple he wanted me to see. They never showed so I did not shoot that night.

The next morning we were having coffee before heading out. Eric was looking at me across the table and asked me what I was thinking. I laughed and told him that last non-typical buck we seen that took off into the timber was on my mind. He was a huge bodied deer and had fence posts for antlers. I am a person who likes typical deer but seeing that deer was driving me crazy. I just could not believe I had seen so many huge deer in one day.

One of the hunters was archery hunting and he knew exactly what buck he was after. We dropped him off at his stand with his guide and off we went. We chose a different stand that morning. Once again, huge deer but not the one Eric wanted me to look at. We got a call on the radio that the other hunter had taken a huge buck and they needed help getting him out. No worries we were on our way.

Yes, he took a huge buck and now I know why he passed on the 200 the night before. This buck was well over 220 and had long G1 / G2 / G3’s etc. It was a toad! We got him loaded and we were in the UTV heading back to the ranch. We rounded a corner and the buck that was etched into my mind had just crossed a trail in front of us and was moving southwest at a good clip. Eric told me if I wanted him, we had better get out and get after him. There was a huge draw Eric knew he would be heading too. We barely topped that draw and there he was. I cracked him with the 6.5 Creedmoor and he ran 20 yards and rolled over.

As a guide and hunter, I have walked up on some good record book animals with clients or my own trophies. As I got closer to this buck, I could not believe what I had just shot. Goodness, this buck was huge and in every facet, one could imagine. I had a couple of cameras with me so we shot many pics from various angles. Eric was laughing at me; he said my face had a look of disbelief of what I had just harvested. He was 100% correct. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined taking a buck like this.

We got back to the ranch and got both bucks hung, skinned, field dressed etc. Into the walk in cooler they went. I kept looking at the various pics I had taken and still could not believe what I had shot. A hearty breakfast was waiting for us.

After breakfast, we headed back to the skinning shed for some caping chores and scoring. Eric had asked me what I thought the buck scored. I had not a clue. I knew he had to be over 250 at least. The tape came out and the green score was 277. Unreal. The mass on the buck is huge. There is not a normal human with big hands that would be able to grab that buck at the base of the antlers and see their fingers.

My first estate hunt was in the books. Would I do it again? IN A HEARTBEAT! As hunters, we always seek adventure, that adventure was offered to me, and I accepted it.

As I stated earlier after seeing the caliber of deer that first day I could have gone home without firing a shot. Later that day Eric and I got into the UTV and we drove around to show me more of the ranch. We had just rounded a corner when I saw movement inside the timber. One of the widest spread bucks I have ever seen was standing there looking at me. This buck was pushing close to thirty inches. YES, IT WAS A WHITETAIL AND NOT A MULE DEER! I swear that buck was smiling at me. After I got my jaw picked up off the ground, I looked over at Eric and he was laughing. He said well now you know why I would not let you shoot the first day. Goodness I could not believe what I had just seen.

Would I recommend estate hunting to others? You had better believe I would. My close friends know me very well. Upon returning home from the hunt, they knew I was pretty hyped up with adrenaline yet. I took them into the garage and let them hold those antlers in their hands. They could not believe there were whitetails that huge. I showed them the pics of other deer we had seen. Everyone was in awe to include myself.

I am about to pick that buck up from my taxidermist in a couple of months. I had a pedestal built specifically for him and I cannot wait for that deer to be in my trophy room. I know one thing for sure, when I head back out on the conservation auction circuit this next January I will have more to talk about when I get to the auctions and conventions and an estate hunt is up for auction!

The RBR is truly a hunter’s paradise. The people associated with this hunting operation are to be congratulated for doing an outstanding job. The lodge, the food, and the hunting experience is unreal. Every hunter owes it to him or herself to harvest the trophy of his or her wildest dreams. Mine came true so can yours.”

Les O.

Brighton, CO